We’re not just what we eat, but what we think, what we feel, how we move, how we perceive the world and express ourselves. In every meeting we will look into this integrative model to find your unique balance for physical and mental health.

When we return to our equilibrium we can cope well with anxiety, low mood, injuries and illnesses of mind and body. We get sick when we have no respite from stress. To prevent it we must take care of different aspects of our health. It can be overwhelming to think of so many changes we need to put in practice to counteract several years of bad habits, however one little change leads to another little change and promotes a cascade of positive micro decisions that lead to phenomenal changes.

The Health and Wellness Programme aims to support women to improve physical and mental health through togetherness. Each module is delivered in group meetings of 90 minutes or individual sessions of 60 minutes, once a week for 9 weeks.

The programme is rooted in 6 principles: food, mood and movement combined with rest, creativity and appreciation. The integration of these principles encourages women to make small realistic changes that will lead to personal empowerment and contentment.

Food: serves not only as a way to survive, but, most importantly, as information for our body to function.

Mood: throughout life we accumulate patterns of thoughts triggered by past experiences.

Movement: we were designed to move to find shelter and food, to run away from danger and to keep the body in the right shape:lean, flexible and strong.

Rest: our cells need repairing and renewing. They have a cycle of work and rest, a type of resetting system.

Humanity has evolved because of curiosity and necessity. Nevertheless, creativity is behind any discovery and invention ever made.

We are wired to appreciate life and be grateful.

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