I am Tais van Ondheusden, founder of Return to Equilibrium.

The best way to pronounce my name is either “tah-ees” or even “ties” although I am pretty good at answering to several different versions.

I hold a MSc in Applied Human Nutrition from Oxford Brookes, having previously studied Biomedical Science and Veterinary Medicine.

My family calls me “professional student”, but truth is, I love learning and I love helping people. I also think creatively, that’s why I combined nutrition and science and developed a programme that incorporates not only nutrition, but mindset, movement, relaxation, creativity and appreciation.

I developed this programme because I believe body, mind and environment are interlinked. Therefore, consistent changes must include different elements for long-term results.

My clients are women that recognise the need for change and decide to improve their health. Several women are overweight, anxious or stressed; some complain about lack of energy and motivation, while others are going through the menopause.

I meet clients where they are in their learning curve and encourage them to take steady steps towards balance in physical and mental health. Sometimes they are not ready to increase exercise or to make massive changes in their eating habits, however they can focus on the present moment with creative activities and intentional gratitude. This could be just enough to take them to the next step.

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